Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Misaki Ito and Beyond (現在を越える伊東美咲)



私は彼女が生命のための多くのファンを得たことを伊東美咲さんが意識することを 望む。 ちょうどの日本で、しかし地球もの反対側! 私は私が彼女のプログラムを常に見ることを知っている。私が死んでいなければ死んだ後私がことを聞いたので、インターネット接続は非常に遅い!

当然私は謝る。 私の日本人はひどい。


For the rest of 2009 this will be the calendar photo of Misaki Ito next to my desk. I like that she’s dressed for the Midwest winter. She hasn’t posted anything for a while on Twinkle Party but she’s probably busy with something very important in her personal life. That’s okay because she has done a great amount of work in the last 10 years.

For me, and for many other people, she really is a great actress and I am looking forward to her future work and her roles beyond 2010. I want to see her acting when she’s 40 years old and 50 years old and 60 years old. I’m also sure that Misaki Ito will still be beautiful and elegant. I really want to see what interesting characters she gets to develop in the future. I want to see what cool scripts she gets. I want to see how her screen persona matures and changes. A talented actress can make movies for the rest of her life.

I hope Misaki Ito will realize that she has earned many fans for life. Not just in Japan, but on the other side of a planet too! I know that I will always watch her programs. Unless I’m dead -because I’ve heard that after you die, the internet connection is extremely slow!

- Just a peasant

Sorry about the color and angle of the photo – I moved to a different office and the light is different. 写真の色そして角度について残念私は別のオフィスに動き、ライトは異なっている。