Thursday, October 15, 2009

Broken Heart Syndrome (失恋シンドローム)

I noticed my friend taking short breaths and occasionally clutching his chest. My 20-year old friend plays rugby, lifts weights, and should have been healthy but, his girlfriend was leaving him. So it seemed that his heart was breaking. I tried to assure him that life would go on and there would be a tomorrow but it had no effect. He was still complaining about pain in his chest.

When I was young I felt Love’s sting many times and, back then, that pain became a thing of poetry and reflection. But all these years later, watching my friend, I suspected that perhaps it was a mild form of stress cardiomyopathy. With great and sudden emotional stress in the mind, the body releases a flood of adrenaline and norepinephrine. There is a disruption of the muscular function of the left ventricle and it struggles to pump blood to the body. In the worst cases, it is very similar to a heart attack and, although it’s associated with older women, I suspect that a similar reaction occurs in younger people. Whether young or old, if you have chest pain as a result of emotional stress, please get to the emergency room.

As I watched my friend that day, I imagined that maybe this is why, even in our dreams, a lost Love can still hurt us a little bit.



私がより若かったときに私は何回もおよび、その当時、その苦痛愛の刺し傷をなった詩歌および反射の事に感じた。しかし後ですべてのこれらの年、私の友人を見て、私は多分それが圧力の心筋症の穏やかな形態だったことを疑った。心の大きく、突然の情緒的ストレスによって、ボディはアドレナリンおよび norepinephrineの洪水を解放する。左心室の筋肉機能 の中断があり、ボディに血をポンプでくむために努力する。最悪の場合では、それは心臓発作に非常に類似して、老女と関連付けたが、同じような反作用が若者達に起こることを私は疑う。情緒的ストレスの結果として胸痛を有すれば、若くか古い緊急治療室に着きなさいかどうか。

- Just a peasant

Photo showing the heart struggling to pump blood to the body Libyan Journal of Medicine.