Friday, September 18, 2009

For Scott (スコットのため)

Scott Barr Moritz was a friend of mine and on September 1st, he died of pancreatic cancer.
We played together, a long time ago, in a band called Whipping Dead Horses. He was a really good song writer. We had a lot of really great times together.
At the end of the night, after a loud and exciting show, the auditorium is finally empty and the amplifiers are silent. And then you find yourself sitting completely alone on the stage with your fingers resting gently on the strings of your bass guitar. And in this moment of unusual stillness, it’s as if you had accidently stepped into a puddle of Eternity and are now watching the ripples spread outward. It is then, with a sad smile, you realize that there are no more notes to play. There are no more words to sing. Everyone has gone home. The show is over . . . the show is over.



夜の終わり、刺激的で、騒々しいショーが、講堂空だったおよびamplifiersで無声が後ありなさい。そしてあなた自身を穏やかにあなたのギターの一連に触れるあなたの指を搭載する段階で完全に単独で置かれることを見つける。それは永遠の水溜にあなたのよう偶然歩み、今見ているさざ波を外側に広がったである。それから遊ぶべきこれ以上のノートがないことを、悲しい微笑と、意識する。 歌うべきこれ以上の単語がない。 皆は起点に行った。 ショーは……ショーに終わったある。

- Just a peasant

Photo from AppleDave