Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Moment of Truth (別の決定的瞬間)

A long time ago, I had a girlfriend who was always angry with me because I never had any money. So I started a business of fixing up old, used musical instruments for school children and renting them to poor families. I had trumpets, clarinets, saxophones, and flutes. I had ten customers mostly African-Americans and mostly single mothers.

After a few months some people weren’t paying their rental fees and my girlfriend angrily demanded I do something about it. So one day I went to their houses to collect the money. At the first house, the mother apologized but said she just didn’t have the money. She had so many bills to pay. And then the little girl came out holding the flute I had rented to them. She was 8 years old and I could see tears in her eyes. She was scared that I was going to take away her instrument. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take away her flute. I told her mother that she could keep the instrument and that they didn’t have to pay anything for it. It was a gift. The mother was confused but very thankful. And when I looked down at the little girl, she had a huge smile on her face. That smile was precious to me.

After that, I went to all of the other people and told them the same thing. I gave away all the instruments that night; every single one of them. That was the end of my business. When I got home my girlfriend was furious. She yelled and insulted me all night long. She said I was pathetic. She said I wasn’t a real man. She talked about other men that she would rather marry. She hated me. I never said a word all night but my girlfriend’s insults had no effect. Because I sat quietly, thinking about that little girl’s cute smile - and - I was invincible.




その後で、私は他の人々全員に行き、それらに同じ事を言った。私はすべての器械を与えた。それは私のビジネスの終わりだった。私が家を得たときに私のガールフレンドは激烈だった。 彼女は一晩中叫び、私を侮辱した。 彼女は私が悲しかったこと を言った。彼女は私が実質の人ではなかったことを言った。彼女は彼女がむしろ結婚する他の人述べていた。彼女は私を憎んだ。私はその夜に話さなかった、私のガールフレンドの侮辱は効果をもたらさなかった。私が静かに坐ったので、その女の子のかわいい微笑について考える - そして- 私は無敵だった。

- Just a peasant
Photo from a garden on campus (キャンパスの庭からの写真)


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I can't believe someone would walk away from such compassion and kindness, over money. wow. this post brought me to tears.

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