Sunday, July 26, 2009

伊東 美咲 - まだベスト


私は私達が伊東美咲のクローンを作ることができることを望む 。That would be AWESOME!! 伊東美咲のクローンがいくらですか。高いでしょう。彼女が風邪かインフルエンザを経験するとき彼女の好の食糧は何であるか。私の質問を理解したか。
私は実験室のそれに今日取り組む。O(≧∇≦)O 冗談です。

でも - 日本は伊東美咲のサイボーグを作るか。 :)

- Just a peasant


Misaki Ito - Still the Best

Three years ago, I saw Densha Otoko (Television drama), Misaki Ito was wonderful. I was spellbound and today nothing has changed. Misaki Ito is the most beautiful actress in Japan. Additionally, she is very talented. Misaki Ito also seems very intelligent. Of course, I really like that.

I wish we could make a clone of Misaki Ito. That would be AWESOME!! How much would that cost? It’s probably expensive. I wonder what her favorite food is when she has a cold or the flu? Did you understand my question?

I’ll work on it today in the lab. O(≧∇≦)O That’s a joke.

But - does Japan make a Misaki Ito cyborg yet? :)