Sunday, July 05, 2009

That Fool (그바보)

As we live, making irreversible decisions or overcoming bad things doesn’t make it a sad life . . . a sad life, is when nothing ever happens.” - Goo Dong Baek from the Korean drama That Fool

That Fool (그바보) is a really sweet and fun Korean comedy/drama and, as the storyline evolved, it just got better and better. I suppose I really liked it because I completely identified with the main character’s personality (Goo Dong Baek). I’m like that sometimes.

On another level, for my self at least, comedy is no good without serious elements to set up contrasts, and that’s why I like Japanese and Korean dramas. Comedic characters, at some point, should evoke serious pathos in the viewer – a profound moment that we all recognize and none of us laugh at.

Anyway, there are also two nice renditions of the song Over the Rainbow in the series. In fact, there might be a third but I have to listen to the ambient soundtrack more closely again. Oh, and Minji’s story about the monkey totally cracked me up!

- Just a peasant

You can see the show here at - the showed aired this year not in 2004.