Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Sing the Democratic Lame

What is my opinion of politicians? See here. And although the victory of the Democratic Party was hailed as “everything is going to change” I strongly disagreed. Already the dance continues for the Democrats: cowardly and divided.

The essential force spinning the Democrats back into control was both the need to END our participation in Iraq and a realization that the Bush administration had misled the country into the war. Typical of political dances, the Democrats performed beautiful foxtrots to convince the public that they would change all of that. Well they haven’t. They continue to avoid any real confrontation with the very persons they were elected to confront. Nothing has changed.

You’ll see in this article a “new” plan whereby troops are allowed more time to “rest” before redeployment but which the Emperor Bush can “waive the rules” if he deems it in the national best interest. Yes, that’s right – no timeline set and Bush can still wantonly pencil in changes to laws. So how have things changed with the Democrats controlling the houses? Oh yes, they’re also going to make sure that the soldiers have proper equipment and even training. Wow! How generous and big of you. Proper equipment is something that should have already happened four years ago and should now have criminal repercussions in its failure to occur.

At the same time, the Republicans call this new measure, and any measures like it, a “slow bleed” on the war. Of course this is a statement made by condescending buffoons. To my Republican Overlords and their media-sheep, I will remind them that the real “bleeding” is primarily a red fluid that leaks out of soldiers and civilians in a war zone. Your analogy is gratuitously pathetic. Incidentally, you know what really demoralizes soldiers besides having a bull’s eye painted on their uniform? Fighting a war that should never have been and which has no end.

Everyday these same Democrats stress that we need to show support for our troops. Perhaps because everyday in Iraq, Juba might have you in his sights or the next sound you hear might be an IED or there is a clip of small caliber bullets with your name and address on them. Everyday, US troops have their lives put at risk. Yet these Democrats - these political dancers - are too afraid to risk even their tiny jobs. You understand of course, that if a soldier loses the day, he or she loses their life. If a politician loses his or her congressional “job” they simply return to a relatively lucrative private life. That’s right - with the exception of Power - they actually would lose very little and certainly not their life.

We wanted to change the music but still the Democrats dance and refuse to yield the floor. Still they waltz large circles of higher principles and grand designs. Still they praise the courage and sacrifice of soldiers while they themselves will not even make the smaller sacrifice - their political careers. Did you really think their true priorities could be otherwise?

You might call it sad – I call it typical.
- Just a peasant
Photo from Tango Dialogo