Friday, January 19, 2007

Politics and Cancer

Apparently President Bush is now taking credit for Bill Clinton’s work!

In the news is the fact that cancer-related deaths actually decreased significantly for the second year. Some Republicans are actually trying to take credit for this. However, there is a problem: it wasn’t their idea.

There was a large funding increase to cancer research in 2001 but it came under a previous Democratic initiative. In fact, at their first opportunity, the Republican majority and the Bush administration made sure that cancer research funding would be cut for these last two years. You understand, of course, they need the money to kill Iraqis.

But that’s just business as usual. What I just have trouble understanding is those Republicans that actually believe they represent the vanguard of civilization’s achievement. On the contrary, it the conservatives that stand in the way of better days all the time. I guess it’s easy to believe that you’re right when you steal the ideas of the people who were right to begin with.
-Just a peasant
Photo - of prostate cells staining positive for the cancer-related, membrane receptor protein CX3CR1 (in green) - from Drexel University.