Tuesday, October 24, 2006

History in the making - again and again

If it smells like a failed occupation and it looks like a failed occupation - then it is a failed occupation. George “The Decider” Bush finally sems to admit that there are similarities between the war in Iraq and the Vietnam War. In 2001, when the White House announced it would invade Afghanistan, I tried to convince people that this was not about Afghanistan but instead, about Iraq. It was not until we entered Iraq that some of my friends started to see what I meant. I insisted that there were no WMDs in Iraq and now, three and a half years later, there is simply no evidence that there were any at all. I also predicted that we were not going to liberate Iraq and then just walk away and indeed, we did not walk away. I felt it should have been clear to everyone that there would be a hardcore insurgency. So we got a new Vietnam as anyone can see. According to the medical journal The Lancet, at the minimum, we have outdone Saddam by a 100,000 civilians killed. Let us try not to shudder at the upper figure of 600,000 killed. That would make us twice as bad as Saddam.

People, as a society, want the power of self-determination. An occupier negates this option. So don’t be surprised when the people of the occupied country fight back regardless of the casualties they sustain.

We supposedly went into Vietnam to fight Communism. In the 1980s we justified our military adventures in Central and South America as wars on both Communism and Drugs. Now we are in Iraq to fight Terrorism. Every one of these is a childishly simple fabrication to justify greed, ambition, and arrogance to the American people - the people that have to pay for it one way or another.

Why is it so hard for people to see what their politicians and leaders represent? What did I say about politicians? Maybe we shouldn’t have a C-SPAN for Congress but a C-SPAN for Corporate board rooms instead. Like for oil companies and arms manufacturers. Wouldn’t that be a sight? Then we’d see what it’s like when people decide they want to make a buck no matter who dies for it. Am I crazy? Perhaps, but if people will whack someone for $20 of cocaine or crystal meth what will they do for 10 million dollars? $100 million? It’s not hard to extrapolate. Of course, it’s not just Americans either. It exists in all peoples of all cultures. There are also many Iraqi power players making a buck off this as well. Such is the human condition.

If you think I am gloating or taking pleasure in being right you are wrong. It’s like when a person suspects they have a terminal disease and then find out that they are correct. It is not a point to celebrate but don’t expect me to remain silent either.
- Just a peasant
Photo of a female Vietcong fighter from casahistoria