Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cheney the Vampire (Part 2)

We are currently involved in two unresolved conflicts: Afghanistan and Iraq. There is no end in sight for either war and no timeline has been mandated. If you go to One Pissed-Off Veteran’s blog on any Friday he lists the number of US casualties for the past week. Yet, despite these weekly casket counts and the surety of future counts, the Vampire Cheney wants to open a new front. He wants more blood – and more and more. He can’t stop because he has a sickness. I contend that it is perverted to commit people to endless and eternal warfare – plain and simple.

Would Iran really pose a threat to the US or Israel if they had a nuclear weapon? Of course they would not and you might do well to review the Trident class submarine if you have forgotten about the US nuclear capability. But what it does mean is that they may adequately defend themselves if they should be invaded or, in the unlikely event that they do choose to use their weapon offensively, that they will be annihilated. Not just by us either. And, make no mistake that, when the US mobilizes its nuclear-capable forces, smaller countries do suddenly panic such as occurred with North Korea in the 1976 “Poplar Incident” in the DMZ with North Korea. Remember too, that a 40-year Cold War with the Soviet Union ended without a single nuclear strike.

Is Iran helping supply the insurgency? Of course they are - along with a lot of others. Every one wants to make a buck off this and everyone will claim security issues. This is what governments do including our own. We did this in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. And remember, it was a US-backed Saddam Hussein that launched a war against Iran. So is Iran a little paranoid? Of course they are. Do we need to launch a war against Iran? Absolutely not.

As usual, there is quite a lot of rhetoric on both sides with absolutely no statesmanship from either government. We the people are expected to be very quiet sheep. And anyway, as far as the US rhetoric goes, why are we supposed to believe this administration. They’ve already misrepresented the case for the invasion of Iraq and now we are expected to believe their new allegations and assertions based, once again, on hearsay – not evidence. Even were they to present evidence, their credibility in any court of law would be negligible considering the travesty of their prior assertions.

Yet the foolish Vampire Cheney, arising from his own casket, has decided that molesting yet another victim is perfectly acceptable – perhaps his dreams of the “New American Century” are forever awash in bloodshed and screams. But imagine a world where every person is armed with a wooden stake, silver crosses, and plenty of garlic. The clever vampire evolves with the times and, instead of risking injury to his self, opens a blood bank to collect blood legally. He keeps some units for himself and sells the others to hospitals for about $200 a unit just like the American Red Cross does. Violence averted, money made, people happy.

I guess the Vampire Cheney has lusted for blood so long, in the dark, he hopes that no light is shed on the reality of his newest prey in the Middle-East. But, in his secret sarcophagus, he hopes and prays for immortality by spilling the blood of others no matter where they come from.
- Just a peasant