Friday, January 05, 2007

Densha Otoko - Kitaa!!

Japan is not actually all about samurai, ninjas, kimonos, and geisha. Japan is also very modern with all the same trials and tribulations faced by people in modern cities in any other country. Yet how you dress is still important though. How you dress says something about the group with which you associate and some groups are better accounted than other groups. Being a part of a group is still very much stressed in Japanese society.

Densha Otoko is a funny television comedy about a young man named Tsuyoshi Yamada who meets a beautiful woman named Saori Aoyama (Misaki Ito - 伊東美咲) on a train. However, Tsuyoshi is an “otaku.Otaku is a term for people who are obsessed with anime and manga. Kind of like a nerd. It’s a lot like people who are fanatics of Star Trek, Star Wars, or RPGs. But in Japan, as in other places, this can be generally a negative thing and apparently beautiful women just don’t date otaku. As you might imagine, Tsuyoshi is also pretty shy around women and so his journey begins with help from his internet friends. I very much enjoyed it including the supporting characters.
If only people could always be more sweet and gentle.

What does "kitaa” or (kita) mean? It is an exclamation that means something like “It finally arrived!” or “It finally happened!" or "This is it!”
The opening song is by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra).

You can find the episodes (1-11) through in the Japanese drama section or here at There is also a movie version here and something that says "Deluxe" but I would recommend the TV series.
-Just a peasant

Her professional blog is here (Misaki Ito - 伊東美咲)

Misaki Ito recent update


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Misaki was beautiful even when she was younger

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