Saturday, November 18, 2006

Respect for the Process – No on Bolton

If the U.N. secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference.” (Global Structures Convocation, Feb. 3, 1994) – John Bolton

So it seems that the new political situation here is now weighted against John Bolton. His original appointment and confirmation to the UN was, of course, a travesty considering that US policy makers were trying to find ways to assuage global fears that the US is clearly a rogue state. America was trying desperately to change its image in the Middle East into a nation that actually cares for the economic welfare of other nations. But no one buys from the grocer that sells only rotten fruit.

What would you call a police officer that had no respect for due process of law and had total contempt for the judicial system? A bad cop. We abhor and attempt to prosecute bad cops. Yet our politicians had the audacity to represent this country with one of the best examples of a bellicose harlequin that I can imagine.

When you appoint someone to an office it should be a person that has an essential respect for the processes of that office. They should also have a critical eye of the processes so that they may navigate effectively within their position. Most importantly, is that other members of that office must have respect for the appointed individual. The representatives of other countries must have some trust of the motives of the individual so that they can be persuaded on different levels to embrace an action. John Bolton was not a consensus builder but a harbinger of mayhem to come and the politicians that allowed him to be confirmed should be ashamed of themselves. If the US wants so badly to win the hearts and minds of the world then it will need to appoint a UN ambassador with respect not only for the diplomatic process but for the values and cultures of other human beings that share this planet. Compassion is not a weakness.

So Dear Congress, Senate, and absurd President, how can I give you a metaphor that will show you how the representatives of the world truly feel about John Bolton and the US? What expression will convince you that the obsequious and tenuous adoration of John Bolton is incredulous in every way? How about Poison? Yeah – this - would express it best I think.

If this video offends you let me just offend my beloved politicians even more – if you insist on injecting poison into the world peace process why don’t you just inject yourselves and save us from the obvious and insulting contempt of your choices?
- Just a peasant
Photo from Obsolete