Monday, February 26, 2007

Cheney the Vampire (Part 1)

Is it necessary that, just because a different nation acquires nuclear capacity, we must go to war with it?

There are few people in this world as blood thirsty and disgusting to me as Dick Cheney. So now this emperor pretender has risen from his crypt to gurgle messages of fear and war to us yet again. We owe this night's visit to the nuclear aspirations of the Iranian military. But must we fear it? Let me tell you why there is little to fear and why Dick Cheney is perverted with his lust for blood.

As technologies advance, the more antiquated technologies are eventually either acquired by less developed states or those states are able to replicate them. It was therefore, only a matter of time before some less developed countries acquired nuclear technology.

It will be argued that the nation of Iran has a diametrically aligned agenda or an irreconcilable incompatibility with the United States. However, just because a nation has a different philosophy from another does not mean that they will engage in war. This is a historical reality and certainly just as valid as saying that war is normal and necessary. But what about countries whose governments are fundamentally different from ours? Consider China. We were at war with them, the Korean War, only fifty years ago and in which, between 30,000 - 50,000 US troops died in a three year period. Yet today, despite a bloody conflict, the fact that they are a Communist state, and that they also possess nuclear weapon technology, we are not only de facto married business partners but they have even garnered NTR (Most-Favored Nation Trading) status.

However, you might argue that the need for privatization ensuring her own economic survival has eroded China’s political antagonism to Western capitalism and that, with Iran, we have a nation that is religiously and diametrically opposed to the United States and Israel. Okay, fair enough. Despite the fact that the US was founded as a secular nation, as evidenced in the Treaty of Tripoli, I’ll entertain that we can be considered a Christian state by predominately Muslim nations. But I will then point to our Muslim allies such as Turkey, a member of NATO since the 1960’s and to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and the UAE. More importantly, I will point to Pakistan. We are not at war with them despite their strong relationships to the Taliban of Afghanistan and their possession of nuclear weapons. Nobody seems concerned that this nation will turn its weapons upon Western nations though it has expressed, in no uncertain terms, its determination to use weapons against India defensively.
Tomorrow Part 2
-Just a peasant