Saturday, August 05, 2006

Somewhere over the Rainbow

New death in ancient lands where more bombs fall.
Innocent bodies tangled, fearful faces shredded;
tiny dreams ended for the lust of arrogant men.

Sides are being chosen but I am nowhere to be found.
You have labeled me a naïve fool and lost to harsh reality
but you, my butcher friend, are pushing the wrong man.

In my life I have been threatened with bullets
and I have been beaten with steel.
And still, you have not changed my mind.

I will always stand with the oblivion-bound people
who have no guns – who have no bombs.
So look me in the eye and then leave or pull the trigger.

You can go on threatening me and beating me
but I will never fear, to hold in my heart,
tears for a better day and a better world -

Somewhere over the Rainbow.

- Just a peasant

Link above is to a song by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole 1959-1997