Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Always a Lonely Place

I screwed up today. A dairy farm family was pinning their hopes - on me - to save the genetics of a prize cow which had died suddenly. We got the ovaries, aspirated the eggs, but then I mixed them up in the lab during fertilization. It was a simple mistake and a sloppy mistake and it was my fault. MY FAULT. Of course I feel terrible – and embarrassed – and stupid. And as the lab director I must also face the family and admit that it was my mistake and take responsibility for it. It sucks. Today really sucks. In the medical and veterinary profession, mistakes are injurious and very serious. It’s not my first mistake or my last but it never gets any easier to face. It’s a very lonely place.

- Just a peasant
Photo by Ivonne Atmojo


Blogger neda said...

man! you had such a rough week.. I've been trying to mail you but can't open my mail box dunno why.
anyway, I'm happy you can cheer yourself up with the game thing or else way perhaps though I hate it that I can't do anything about it especially when I remember the things you've done to make me happy.

10:46 PM  

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