Monday, January 07, 2008

Alright already!

I rarely whine about stuff but today - okay - I’ll finish my stupid thesis!
But I’m so tired of sperm. I want to do more stem cell stuff damn it. People keep asking me: “When are you going to finish your PhD?” "When are you done with graduate school?" "When are you going back to medical school?" Well, it’s 97% written and all the experiments are finished, but after 50,000 embryos and 4,500,000 sperm, I just don’t care anymore.
I’d much rather try building a game or learning to do art illustration. I still have things I want to do in the medical field too - donor livers are still hard to come by you know.
Okay, I'm done whining and venting. Now I'll just get back to writing.
- Just a peasant
Photo by Francis Leroy (Biocosmos) from Science Photo Library.


Anonymous girl on the run said...

oh man! that must be tiring. good luck to you

12:12 PM  
Blogger Just a peasant said...


1:36 PM  
Blogger neda said...

wow I didn't know egg is so carpety :p

9:13 PM  

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