Sunday, January 27, 2008

Misaki Ito around the World (伊東美咲)

世界中 - 伊東美咲さんはにんかがあります。かのじは優雅とかわいいです。このblog(とe-mail) は伊東美咲さんのたくさんのヒットにつしてうけとます。
どのくにも - どのぶめいも。 それはすごいな。

これはことのおかしいです:私は面白い科学的な考えを書きます。例えば、らいしゅう私はじんこおてきな染色体のとっきょけんしゅとくを試みます。でも伊東美咲さんは一番じゅうよおですね。 HaHaHa!:)
だいじょおぶですね。彼女は可愛いとおかしいですね。科学が可愛いじゃないです – おかしいじゃないです。Ces’t la vie. 

失礼しました。 私は日本語をはなすことができません。

Yes Japan, Misaki Ito is extremely popular. I get hits (on this blog) and e-mails about her from all over the world. Every country - every culture. There are many beautiful and talented actresses in Japan but people really love Misaki Ito. Misaki Ito is playing a part in the series Edison’s Mother. I did enjoy the show very much.
This is strange: sometimes I have to write out an interesting scientific idea. For example, next week, I have to present an idea involving artificial chromosomes. But, Misaki Ito is still much more important. HaHaHa! :) But that’s okay, she is cute and funny. Science is not cute and is not funny. Oh well, that’s life ;)
I'm sorry. I don't speak Japanese very well.
- Just a peasant


Blogger neda said...

problem solved.

ps: you speak japanies? is it hard to learn?

3:08 PM  
Blogger neda said...

oops: japanese

3:10 PM  
Blogger Just a peasant said...

My Japanese is terrible! I really don’t get to practice it very much but I think its mechanics are very straight forward. You nmight it interesting that I took a class in Turkish and its structure is very similar to Japanese. I originally studied Japanese when I was a fisheries biologist and I wanted to do some research within the Japanese aquaculture industry. That was a long time ago. I’ll put up a post of the two fish that were of great interest to me.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Just a peasant said...

Neda - I am SKYPE enabled.

12:26 PM  
Blogger neda said...

turkish and japanese? I could never guess that.

I can't wait to read the post :)

1:34 AM  

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