Monday, December 17, 2007

Icicles in the Sun

Cold snow plus warm roofs equals icicles. Some icicles are more awesome than others. These icicles stretch all the way to the ground. It would be kind of cool to have these right outside your bedroom window wouldn’t it? There were a lot of other great icicle formations but this one was pretty interesting. I have a lot of friends from much warmer countries and I thought they might like these snapshots of winter.
Today's temperature is -15 degrees Celcius with wind chill. Believe me, wind chill matters when you have to walk outside. I really, really love weight lifting but, when it's this cold outside, it's really hard to get motivated to walk to the gym. I really just want to stay in where its cozy and warm.

- Just a peasant

Photo from another place in my Midwest neighborhood. Click on picture to enlarge.