Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Next Day

Now the next day the snow is really piling up and it does look like a winter wonderland - except for the powerlines and stuff. Still, its good weather for a hot chocolate and to curl up in a blanket with your lover.
- Just a peasant

Photo from the neighborhood behind my laboratory.


Blogger neda said...

I remember the time I was less than a two feet tall, and the height of the snow in front of the door was above my head. Now a day in Tehran we rarely see such snow and it's partly because of the pollution.
but in india I miss even that thin snow, instead I dream about it. some times I have dreams aobut the streats of pune being ski piste.

I especially love the noice your steps make in the snow. something like Ghorooch...Ghorooch

7:07 PM  
Blogger Just a peasant said...

Ghorooch ... Ghorooch

That's a perfect sound for it!!

5:10 AM  

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