Thursday, February 07, 2013

Correct Use(正しい使い方)

As we know, never underestimate a tsunami.  So we got our tsunami warning yesterday.  The campuses were wisely closed and the students were sent home.  Although the threat seemed small it is better to be safe than sorry.  Fortunately, no tsunami ever came.
As it happens, my volunteer organization issued us life jackets for safety when we first arrived.  We were sent a reminder to use them.  Are they serious?  While this is a nice thought, it isn’t realistic.  Not for me at least.  Do they actually believe I can put on a life jacket when, right next door, there is a 10-year old girl who does not have one?  What do they expect me to do?  Let her face a tsunami all by herself?
Don’t they realize that I have to give my life jacket to her?  Don’t they realize that I have a far better chance of surviving without it than she does?  Don’t they realize that, as an adult, my responsibility is to protect any child at all cost?   Don’t they realize that, for me, there would be no other choice? 
So here is the correct use of a life jacket if a tsunami really does come.  Stay calm.  Find nearest child.  Put life jacket on child and secure.  Attach one bottle of drinking water.  Place a bag of hard candy or jelly beans into the child’s pockets.  Tell them to eat only three pieces per day.  Give hug.  Tell them that everything is going to be okay.  Shield them from debris.  Keep their head above water for as long as possible.  Do whatever it takes to buy them time.  Plain and simple.
You understand of course, it’s not always about surviving. Sometimes, it’s just the idea that - no child should die alone.
- Just a peasant
Photo of my useless life jacket


Blogger Hiva said...

Hats off to you

2:59 PM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Hi Hiva! But I'm right aren't I? It should just be common sense, right?

5:17 PM  

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