Tuesday, June 02, 2009


So I finally got my PhD today. The defense wasn’t easy but at the same time, it wasn’t a bloodbath either. Of course, an hour beforehand, I prepared by listening to this song – something that seems to represent me to some degree. Man, Helloween was an awesome, but totally underrated, band! So by defense time, I was pretty amped up.

Anyway, after the defense, my professor wanted to go get a beer but, since I don’t drink alcohol, we just got a Coke instead. I really like him and will definitely miss him. But now my time here is limited – I can’t stay forever. I have other objectives the first of which is to roll back into medical school.

I have applications in New Zealand and Australia right now so we’ll see. I’m not exactly the traditional medical school applicant you understand. Yet, I am a scientist and I am obligated to continue my education, or the acquisition of new knowledge, until my last day of life. And I am perfectly comfortable with that.

As for getting a regular job to make some money? I have no interest in money. Money has never been important to me. And anyway, when I do have money I use it to buy meals for my friends, or to buy new science books, or cool movies, or things I need for lab experiments. Ultimately, the only three things that matter to me are becoming a better scientist, applying knowledge to solve problems, and the most important thing of all – Love.

And this is who I am.

PS: Please don’t think I’m being pretentious. I promise I’m not an arrogant person. It’s just that a defense seminar has a tendency to put one into an introspective and philosophical mood.

- Just a peasant

Photo looking north from the roof of our department.


Anonymous Aussie said...

You ve done an excellent job you should be very proud of yourself

11:30 AM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Thank you :)

2:40 PM  

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