Thursday, February 19, 2009

I did my part for Japan's economy (伊東美咲)

At the same time I supported my favorite actress, I also helped out Japan’s crashing export market. I finally got my imported Misaki Ito (伊東美咲) calendar for 2009. She’s so cute! Now when I’m working I can just look up and there she is. And that’s a good thing – because we all know she’s never coming to the Midwest. I don’t blame her – it’s very cold here.

So all day long I work on stuff and, once in awhile, look up at the calendar. So now it’s like: Numbers, numbers, numbers – Awesome! Reading, reading, reading – Cool! Writing, writing, writing – Excellent!

My lab mates are like, “Who is that?” I tell them, it’s Misaki Ito (伊東美咲). They say, “So you have her calendar?” So I tell them, “Yeah - it’s for research purposes.” SWEET!

Okay, just so that you don’t think I’m too weird, I actually thought this was the kind of calendar you could write daily notes on. But you can see that there's nowhere to actually write anything. Oh well. Am I going to move it? Hell no! It’s for research purposes.

- Just a peasant

If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can just barely see the vertically arranged month and days on the right. Maybe I'll take a better photo later.