Saturday, February 07, 2009

Yes . . . yes it is funny

You read it right - Concept A Bitch.

When you work in a reproduction lab there are often some very humorous days. When this nutrient supplement for pregnant dogs arrived I had several hours of good fun. I respect any company that just says it like it is.

That’s right beeyatch – Concept A Bitch! Buy it today!

Incidentally, do you notice how yellow the light in the photo is? This photo was taken in our embryo lab and the lights have yellow filters to protect the embryos while we’re working with them outside of the incubators. Many years ago one study in embryos suggested that full spectrum white light was harmful to early embryos and that yellow or red light was less harmful. I don’t how much of a difference it really makes but I do know that the red lighting bothered the human eye and tended to freak people out. Hence, the yellow light filters.

- Just a peasant

Photo – if you didn’t see it you might not believe it.