Sunday, February 01, 2009


A lover’s job is to make the other person feel special. Plain and simple. In fact, I would argue that this might be one of the most important ingredients in any relationship. However, there is certainly never any guarantee.

I think long term relationships begin to suffer not from daily routine but from a daily routine that is never punctuated with efforts to make the other person feel special. And I do understand the conditions that allow this kind of relationship to continue on without making the other person feel special. Yet, I myself could never stay in a relationship where I’m not special to my lover. I mean if you’re not special to them then what’s the point of staying?

All over the internet I’ve seen relationship surveys that, at some point, ask, “What is your perfect date?” Then they list several romantic options which might involve concerts, plays, candlelight, bubble baths, fine dining, wine tasting, sports events, philosophical discussions, and many other things.

Yet it seems to me that something is missing. What would I consider a perfect date? My perfect date is when my companion and I do something - that she wants to do.
Those surveys never offer that as an option. Interesting.

- Just a peasant

Photo (click to enlarge) of an unexpected, close encounter I had with a Great Blue Heron while hiking on the Oregon Coast. Hiking can be an interesting date too.