Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Memories of Being Homeless – Of Hope

We all fall down once in awhile especially those who try to fly a bit too often. The important thing is to get up again, dust yourself off, and take another run at it. You only live once.

In this civilization that we have created and, of which we are caught in its momentum, can we ever completely do away with homelessness? I doubt it, because who must we actually blame for the conditions leading to homelessness?

Ultimately, both society and the transient individual bear responsibility for homelessness. No society can claim to be so perfect, that none of its citizens are omitted from its success. On the other hand, and with the exception of children, no mentally-sound individual can escape the reality that they also play a crucial role in controlling their own aspirations and indulgences. There is no such thing in this world as a utopia and no such thing as a saint.

We cannot always rely on the kindness of people, such as to alleviate the pains of homelessness. What we can do, is to be comfortable demanding, and paying, a livable wage to people so that they remain a viable economic unit in our society. Additionally, having strong federal programs to aid homeless shelters, along with their affiliated medical programs, is just as important. You understand, of course, that a federal program is our way of expressing compassion. It is our way of acknowledging that not all members of society benefit from our economic endeavors but, we will certainly provide them sustenance, if only they will remain hopeful of, and strive for, a better future.

Is this just wishful thinking? Perhaps – but I think I’ve earned it.

-Just a peasant
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Soup kitchen line in the US, during the Great Depression, 1932. From the Civilian Conservation Corps.