Thursday, April 13, 2006

Inoue Azumi - again!

Today we’ll think about nice things and beautiful times.

Yes, I admit, am a huge fan of Azumi Inoue and I finally discovered her website too. So you can see from the CD cover picture above, not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she is also very beautiful herself. Talent and beauty – a rare combination. Because she sings in Japanese, I can only understand some of what she is saying. But to me, it is not the words that make the singer, it’s the texture and quality of their voice. I don’t understand what the Gipsy Kings are saying, but it doesn’t detract from the emotional impact of their songs.

Sure, I like to listen to Rob Zombie, Tool, or Stabbing Westward, but I couldn’t live all the time in those feelings. It would be emotionally monolithic. Even when I was a heavy metal bass guitarist, I listened to other styles of music.
However, I could exist all the time in Azumi Inoue’s voice – plain and simple. You might disagree about her voice and that’s okay – we all have our own preferences. For instance, I absolutely hate country music.

* For those of you who might be wondering, apparently she goes by Azumi Inoue (for English) or Inoue Azumi (for Japanese). Either one seems to work.