Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Past Life

When I first started in music, I played in a lot of bands and in a lot of small clubs across the country; from Miami to Austin to Los Angeles and to so many more. I played small shows and big shows. I played for 12 years and the more I played the more I learned. It took both time and money, but one day I became proficient at what I did. Heavy Metal, Rock, Grunge, African Reggae. Once in awhile I got to hear myself on the radio and at one point I could even pay the bills. I never got rich or famous before my final show, but I got something actually more important to me – respect from my peers. It was not the practice that made me better; it was playing in front of people. Yet despite the effort, and even with these pictures, I remain anonymous as I doubt few would remember and none would recognize me today.
It is only with luck, by which we escape total oblivion.

-Just a peasant

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