Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fox in the Chicken Coop

So, how do you make intelligence work? We have to have effective collection. You have to have effective analysis, and you have effective sharing. – Michael Chertoff (Secretary of Homeland Security)
It would not be appropriate for someone like myself, who spent twelve years as a rock and roll musician, to excoriate another person for desiring to see naked people on the internet. We are, after all, just human and the human body is sensuous. But there is a huge problem when a person decides that the body of a child is sexually desirable. The problem is made worse when a person goes beyond just looking, to trying to meet and touch the child. For instance, it is a problem when old men use the internet to hook up with fourteen year old girls.

That a government official would be involved in such an incident is not surprising to me. Don’t trust them. What is however, amusing and absurd, is that a member of the same institution that presumes to protect us from “terrorist” attacks and other domestic bad guys, has so little ability to effectively analyze and distinguish between the thoughts of a young girl and the masquerade of an adult. We can only wonder – with such little ability apparent at Homeland Security, how do they actually intend to distinguish, much less thwart, the real “terrorists” and everyone else?

The Department of Homeland Security – we’re so lucky to have you protecting us.