Monday, September 23, 2013

Cloud Atlas

I thought this movie was really great and interesting.  After I watched it I read some of the reviews and was shocked that some critics had trouble following it.  I thought it was seamless and undeniably coherent.  I hate to say it but some of these critics seem to be mentally deficient or just intellectually lazy.  Or maybe they’ve never been to a theater performance where one actor plays multiple roles.  It’s sad really.

Of course Misaki Ito wasn’t in it so it wasn’t perfect but Doona Bae and Tom Hanks did a great job as did the rest of the cast.  Oh yeah, the music was excellent too.

- Just a peasant


Blogger radius said...

Hi Just-a-Peasant,

Last year when the film came out I was about to watch it. But before I made up my mind and found a suitable free evening, the cinemas in Munich had already taken it off the screen, mainly because the first critics of the major media expressed their trouble of following the movie, intellectually or visually.
They prefer movies like "Illuminati" or "Avatar", where there is a simple plot that does not require too much brain.
Not-mainstream movies like Wachowski brothers "Cloud atlas" or David Lynch's movie are left for cineasts, who are ready to wait long time or to travel to small art-house cinemas or wait for the DVD release.

best regards

3:02 AM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Hi Michael,

I like that word "cineast." But I totally agree with you. I want stories that make me think or reflect. I want actors who try to excel at their craft in order to convince me that they are who they say they are in the story. If not, then I'm not "entertained." Oh yeah, its good to hear from you again, I was wondering why you hadn't posted for a while.

8:23 AM  

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