Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Burglar(盗難)

I live on the second floor of a building and had my first intruder last night. It seems he wanted to burglarize the house. The problem was – I don’t sleep in the bedroom. It was raining heavily while he crept silently along the outer walkway and peered into the open windows. All the windows are open but have screens. I was waiting patiently by one of the windows in the total darkness. In these situations I always leave the lights off since the darkness works to my advantage. At the last moment, as he leaned forward to look into the window, I slammed my hand towards his face and yelled “HEY!”

He sucked in his breath and ran away shocked and scared. Poor guy! I suppressed the urge to laugh out loud. However, I still needed to give chase and, since I don’t have a machete, I grabbed a kitchen knife. However, there was a problem. Where were the dogs? They should have been barking; barking like mad in fact. But you see, actually, when it rains here, they go and find shelter instead. And the intruder knew this. I had to assume the intruder was still on the porch somewhere. So I slipped out quietly onto the balcony to pursue him but he was long gone. Darn.

However, there is one more thing. Out on the balcony, the landlord keeps a hen in a cage. During this incident, the hen never made a sound. Not a single peep. So I finally looked at her and said accusingly, “And you. You are the worst burglar alarm - EVER!”

 - Just a peasant

 Photo of burglar alarm


Anonymous hellopoponta said...

I'm glad that you are not hurt.
Can't the dogs be trained to take shelter on the porch so that you can get a good night's rest?

Do take care, please.

Ayano xxx.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Hi Ayano, thank you. :) Please don't worry though. As for a 'good night's rest' - hahaha! The numerous dogs keep me awake at all hours. Most of the dogs are stray but people keep them to discourage "night crawling" or "alu en pwong" in Pohnpeian. This is when the younger males sneak around to woo their prospective love interests. A dog is a good investment is you have a daughter!

8:18 AM  
Blogger Hiva said...

You chased him? Wasnt he armed or something. I mean are you comfortabke enough to leave all windows open?

8:47 AM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Hi Hiva,

It's very warm here so people tend to keep their windows open to catch any breeze. Also, there's not a lot of violent crime. If he had been armed with a gun or something, my back-up plan was to throw the chicken at him and let her have a go at him while I made my escape. Hahaha! :)

5:50 PM  

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