Thursday, November 08, 2012

Good things (良いもの)

I bought these fish at a local fish market.  The total was only $4.50 USD.  I thought that it was a pretty good price.  I wasn't sure which spice to use.
Anyway, President Obama won the election.  And that’s a good thing too.  In fact, it was the best spice of all.

私は地元の魚市場で、これらの魚を買った。 合計はたったの$4.50 USDだった。 私はそれはかなり良い値段だと思いました。 私が使用するスパイスを知っていませんでした。
とにかく、オバマ大統領が選挙に勝った。 そして、それはあまりにも良いことだ。 実際には、それは、すべての最高のスパイスだった。
- Just a peasant
Photo of Naso unicornis, Nasa lituratus, Epinephelus sp., unidentified


Anonymous hellopoponta said...

It's good to see President Obama back in the White House. Looks like he's got plenty of work to do, both domestic and foreign.

The ones on the left are file fishes I think. They taste good but have really thick skin so stores over here sell them skinned. I wonder how you dealt cooking it. The top right looks like a grouper, but then I'm not at all good at identifying fish so I don't really know.

Ayano xxx.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Hiva said...

How do they taste like??

1:26 PM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Hi Ayano,

The three tang fish do have thick skin but we just grill it with salt and the skin comes off easily enough. Yes, the top right one is a grouper - my favorite species next to fugu!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Hey Hiva,

The tangs have a lighter flavor and texture to their flesh. I tried to pan fry the grouper but did a poor job of it! It was much thicker than I had anticipated. I'll have to try again. But I would say the flavor was 'earthier' if that makes sense.

5:06 PM  
Anonymous hellopoponta said...

Oh, the shape of the tail is different from filefish (that's about the only distinction I can make). I didn't know you could eat tang fish.

#Just mumbling to myself.

Ayano xxx.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Hahaha - mumble on babe! It's hard to see in this picture. If you were holding it close you would of course see it much better. But yes, they call all of these "reef fish" and eat them all. Yet one does worry about the health of the coral reef ecosystem when you see how many fish are taken from it on a daily basis.

9:49 AM  

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