Friday, October 12, 2012

Experiment in Progress (進行中の実験)

I spend my days teaching college science and health courses. I also am writing grant proposals for research ideas. I am already working on two agriculture project ideas. It helps to do preliminary studies when testing a hypothesis. The photo above was to test a hypothesis for a new project. This is an archaeology project. I can’t tell you what it is – not yet. I hope they will fund it. 
私は私の日を教える大学の科学と健康コースを過ごす。私はまた、研究のアイデアのために助成金申請書を書いています。私はすでに2農業プロジェクトのアイデアに取り組んでいます。これは、仮説をテストする際に事前調査を行うのに役立ちます。上の写真は、新しいプロジェクトのための仮説を検証することであった。これは考古学プロジェクトです。私はそれが何であるかを伝えることはできません - まだ。私は、彼らはそれに資金を供給することを願っています。
- Just a peasant


Anonymous hellopoponta said...

It looks like a raft carrying load. If you hadn't defined it's usage as being archaeological (maintenance purpose, I suspect), my guess would have been the base for oceanic wind turbines.

I have no idea!

Ayano xxx

9:52 PM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

A wind turbine would be very cool! Given your background I think you will find it quite interesting when I can mention it though. Until then my lips are sealed. Also, I hope you are doing well.

8:30 AM  

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