Wednesday, January 18, 2012


While I sit here in relative comfort I am acutely aware that the same cannot be said for the people of North Korea. There is a claim that its repugnant regime will not last much longer; that these monstrous god-kings will fall to ruin. There remains a naïve hope that the two Koreas will peacefully reunite. Perhaps - but I have serious doubts.
The regime is unethically fueled by business deals with Russia and by the political-military machinations of China. It is artificially bolstered by international humanitarian aid and misplaced pleasantries. It is run by a group of sycophants and true believers who maintain their lifestyles at the expense of millions of slave laborers. North Korea’s atrocious institutions are defended by a fearful and paranoid military. It is a place of starvation, sickness, and desperation.
In their own brutal world they, the elite, are comfortable. It is acceptable to them. The status quo will remain in place. As for the peaceful “reunification” it should be remembered that power does not share power. They will not subjugate themselves to the ideologies of South Korea. Nor do I believe that South Korean leaders have any genuine intention of sharing governance with North Korea. The only real unification will be violent. As for the impending “demise” of North Korea, it must be remembered that those in control of government see themselves as righteous and beyond responsibility for the atrocities and travesties of their rule. The power players of North Korea have no remorse and no intention of changing.
This morning I am reminded that, on this very same planet, a cold snowy morning can bring quiet reflection to one person but bring dire hardship to another.
- Just a peasant
Photo from the backyard


Anonymous hellopoponta said...

I am not sure what to write about the status quo of N.Korea.From the fragmentary reports I hear that many of the people are surviving with toughness that I can only admire. But it is always those in the vulnerable state that will suffer, and it breaks my heart to imagine their pain.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Yes, I'm with you on that.

3:15 PM  

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