Friday, February 11, 2011

To Listen - (聞くため)

I know that there are sweet people in the world. Thank you. My problems are not important. But, how are you doing? I’ll listen. Of course I will.

Today, think of this tree. Think of the blue sky that lies beyond its branches. Think of the sound of the tropical ocean. I wonder if you will smile today?

Is the winter really cold? The winter here is warm. Here is a song from the Caribbean. India-Arie : Therapy.



冬は非常に冷たいか。ここの冬は暖かい。カリブからの歌はここにある。India-Arie : Therapy.

- Just a peasant

Photo from Grenada - グレナダからの写真


Anonymous girl on the run said...

I smiled, thank you :)

1:00 AM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Yey! That's a good thing. :)

4:35 AM  

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