Sunday, September 12, 2010

Waiting for Misaki (伊東美咲を待っている)

私はここにグレナダで午前 - 衛生学校を通って苦しむこと - 私は伊東美咲からの 次の映画を待っている。はい、私は非常に忍耐強い人である。私はあきらめることはありません。私はそれが実際によい映画であるもことを望む。このごろ私はに先に見ることを何かを必要とする。




Here in Grenada – suffering through medical school - I am still waiting for Misaki Ito’s next movie. Yes, I am a very patient person. I will not give up. I hope that it’s a really good movie too. These days I need something to look forward to.

For myself, medical school is not fun. I miss the laboratory. I miss dreaming of new research. I miss interacting with other scientists. Here, there is no time to contemplate the universe. There is no time to contemplate human civilization. Here, I am just a drone. Today, I feel stupid for coming to medical school.

But then I think of how excellent Misaki Ito is. She is also funny. And that makes me happy.

- Just a peasant

Photo from the beach. 浜からの写真。


Anonymous dawn_1o9 said...

This is sweet. I love the little doll! So kawaii! ^_^

6:28 PM  
Anonymous just a peasant said...

Thank you Dawn :)

5:34 AM  

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