Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Misaki Ito – in English – and still just as sweet

My favorite actress of all is Misaki Ito. She is both beautiful and interesting. I originally saw her in the hit Japanese television series Densha Otoko which I mentioned before. But I also saw her in Sapuri and the Hotman II series. They were both great! I particularly liked the Hotman II series because she gets to display a greater range of emotion. I would have to say that she is probably the Japanese version of Sandra Bullock when it comes to the "sweetness" factor. You can check these out on crunchyroll.com and if you like them buy the DVDs.

I hope to see her in a lot more movie roles and I'd really like to see her in some Hollywood movies.

- Just a peasant
Yes, she was also in The Grudge.