Saturday, June 16, 2007


The Japanese drama Ganbatte Ikimasshoi is a nice story about a girl’s division high school rowing team. It’s a “friends for life” story – a theme that has somehow evaded my own life. From my high school years there is no one. From my years in the music business there is no one. From my days doing Thai boxing and MMA there is no one either. From my years in college there are but three.

But that’s the trade off I guess. I move around a lot and I like to explore new paths. There’s a lot of cool memories too. Like sleeping on a deserted beach in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: dark jungle behind me, a pile of sand as a pillow, a million stars above, and a distant storm flashing out on the far horizon. Or hitchhiking through Arizona one summer: the sunset lights the desert on fire with pinks, golds, reds, and bronze while I brush a tiny scorpion off my shoe. Or having a newborn baby fall soundly asleep in my arms. Or drawing faces on boxes and then wearing them to play with a six-year old. Or sitting quietly high above the Columbia Gorge with a brilliantly colored dragonfly as my sole companion.

Of course, I will always meet a lot of new and interesting people. Those friendships will be short but they will be sweet. And that’s how it’ll go until the end. And that’s alright with me.
- Just a peasant
Photo of my friends from (temporary) medical school


Blogger neda said...

I have no idea you need to hear this or not, but there is a comment box in here, so I'll use it.

see, sometimes we put a lot of energy on a friendship, so we soon become out of it. this way, we give a shoke to our friends, and lose them. I used to make this mistake, I still do sometimes but not as bad as the past.

my parents and a high school friend came to visit me here last week, she has a 14 year old girl who sent her -never been met- ant some chocolates. so I gues I am a little luckier in friendships (jk).

2:15 AM  

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