Monday, June 11, 2007

Raspberries to you Sir!

So Senator Joseph “Goebbels” Lieberman, you want to start limited bombing of Iran? Of course I’m sure you will ask for limitless funds and limitless time frames. I’m sure you will NOT limit this to Iran. Who else has been accused of supporting the Iraqi insurgents? Oh right, Syria for one. We’ll have to bomb them too. As usual it doesn’t matter what America bombs as long as we bomb something and someone. Oh yes, weren’t a large number of “terrorists” actually flowing in from Saudi Arabia? We should bomb Saudi Arabia back to the time of the Arabian Nights. Hey, that reminds me - Australia’s wheat exporter was breaking the rules and paying kickbacks to Saddam Hussein. Screw Sydney – let’s blow it to hell. Oh yeah, and there’s a bunch of Christian missionaries roaming Baghdad now – better take them out just in case. Oh, and Indonesia has a lot of Muslims too. Let’s kill them before they get us.
There's just no limit to the number of limited bombings we can initiate if we just put our Lieberman to it. I think it will work - I know I'm already afraid.

Why are we always cursed with ignorant and bloodthirsty leaders? Like I said - Don’t trust them.

- Just a peasant