Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seoul, Korea(ソウル、韓国)

It was my first time in Seoul.  It is a remarkable city and just as interesting as Tokyo.  I came here on business but made sure to eat a lot of Korean food. There are also many interesting buildings. 

これは、ソウルで初めてだった。 それが顕著な都市と東京と同じくらい面白いです。 私は仕事でここに来たが、韓国料理をたくさん食べるようにしてくださいました。 多くの興味深い建物もあります。

- Just a peasant

A building in Gangnam-gu   江南区にある建物


OpenID said...

Hi just-a-peasant, watching this photo I now understand where Gangnam style comes from. I hope your trip to Soul was more authentic than this weired song.
Greetings, Michael

PS thanks a lot for your recent comment on my blog, and sorry for not answering yet. I will so soon.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous hellopoponta said...

It's beautiful. BUT! Whenever I see a building like this, the first emotion that arises is sympathy for the window cleaners. Do they hang by ropes and have to meander along the curvature to clean those windows, I wonder.

#Sorry if I seem to lack any sort of appreciation for a great design; I'm feeling a little stressed at the moment.

Ayano xxx

9:00 PM  

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