Saturday, May 06, 2006

Love and the Bitter Sweet Ocean

Love is not magical or mysterious. It’s not supernatural or divinely granted. It isn’t some treasure waiting to be discovered by those who follow the rules or those that shine the brightest. Love is something we build between ourselves and another human being. We craft it like a sailboat from precious metals and rare timbers; a unique vessel to carry our self and our lover through the brief span of our lives. We can use it to carry ourselves beyond old horizons and beneath new constellations.

It is a place of comfort, so that when oceans rage around us, there is another person to help reef the sails. And with our lover, we learn the idiosyncrasies of our own ship; how to tend it, how it tacks, how it runs with the North wind. And when it is lost and scattered, we can find another person and build another ship. We can learn and we can teach. We can steer a new vessel over towering waves and through heavy mists. We can catch the sensuous ocean spray on our skin and once again wet our deepest passions.

Yet none will last forever, because we do not last forever. But while it does last, we can race beneath the Sun, and beneath the Moon, and beneath a million crystal stars, holding our lover’s hand, and secretly wishing that there really was, a Forever.

-Just a peasant

Photo looking to the center of our galaxy and home - the Milky Way.