Friday, June 02, 2006

A Fascist named Oriana Fallaci

The New Yorker had an article on Oriana Fallaci. I found it amusing and ironic, that this woman, who claims to have resisted Fascism and vehemently denounces Fascism, has indeed herself, become a Fascist.
The calling card of any fascist is bigotry against other ethnic types. Oriana Fallaci said of Muslims, “they breed like rats.” In a country like this one, where immigration is so historically prevalent, we have seen this calling card very often. In World War II, when the American citizens of Japanese ancestory were rounded up and put in internment camps, the governor of Idaho said, “The Japs live like rats, breed like rats, and act like rats.” In that same period there was also the film of Fritz Hipler, a Nazi film maker, The Eternal Jew which portrayed those of Jewish culture as rats streaming through the sewers.
And, with a sly smile, I also note that Italian immigrants to America were also deemed as being no better than rats. It wasn't that long ago that the average family size of Itlalian immigrants in North America exceeded the national average.
Like all fascists, Oriana also decries the fall of her precious Italian culture. This is the same culture where organized crime is the life blood of Italy’s government. And, like all immigrant groups, the Italians brought their own mafias here to the US.
It is also the same culture that gave birth to the Vatican Church. And of course, the poor Vatican is under siege by immigrants as well. Oriana's culture spawned the Vatican Church which, under Pope Pious the XII, allied itself with Adolf Hitler and the appealing idea of a single leader over representative democracy. The Vatican gladly made deals with Benito Mussolini to control people's lives such as the Lateran Treaties to control education among other things. That's Fascism.
The Vatican is also the church of the Inquisition and of many, many persecutions and burnings. It is the same religious institution that had a debate in 584, at the Council of Macon, over the issue, “Are Women Human?” That's ignorance. But it turns out that women are human – but just by one vote. I’m sure the mothers of the dozens of attending bishops would be very proud. Maybe only half of those men considered women human which actually seems to mathematically reflect the Islamic idea that a woman is worth only half of a man.
Essentially, Oriana supports one system of fascism over another – Italian-Catholic tyranny over Middle-Eastern Islamic tyranny. There is no doubt that, like every other religion, Islam brings it own form of militantism and oppression. Every group has its own lunatic fringe. Yet she seems to believe that Islam brings something opposite of Western culture - something alien as it were. It wasn’t that long ago here in America that the Catholic Church headed the Legion of Decency in an effort to stamp out immorality in the motion picture and television industry. It seems that they also have ideas about how society should behave and how women should dress.
Oriana Fallaci, you are no better a person than the tyrants you have interviewed. You’re no different than yet another Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh. No different than any street thug – and I have met my share. I’m sure your anti-Fascist parents would be very proud of you though. You lack even the basic wisdom to distinguish individuals from the generalities of events or the institutions that control them and, like any fundamentalist terrorist, you embrace intolerance and violence as your existential modus operandi.
Yeah – you’re a real piece of work.

- Just a peasant
WWII photo of a little Japanese-American girl from California, deemed a grave threat to national security and American culture, on her way to a US internment camp - from the National archives. Nice.